FreeBSD Monitor
2014-10-25 18:46:15
Update to the 20141022 snapshot of GCC 4.9.2.

Also remove those traces of @dirrm that were are added dynamically
via the Makefile.
2014-10-25 16:38:26
- Update to version 1.0.9 [1]
- Simplify Makefiles [1]
- Fix build problem in gecko-mediaplayer with xulrunner>=30 [2]

PR: 194498
Submitted by: [email protected] [1]
Reviewed by: riggs [2]
2014-10-25 15:16:24
Update to the 20141023 snapshot of GCC 4.8.4.
2014-10-25 15:03:12
comms/gqrx: update 20140313 -> 2.3.1

- Update COMMENT and pkg-descr
- Remove obsolete dependency
- Mantainer approved

PR: 193404
Submitted by: Kevin Zheng <[email protected]>
Reviewed by: martymac (maintainer)
Approved by: mentors (implicit), martymac (maintainer)
2014-10-25 13:17:44
- Update to 5.2.5
- Remove dirrms
2014-10-25 12:43:25
- Switch to gnutls for encryption, openssl from base fails to connect
with Facebook chat servers recently [1]
- Install striped binaries

Reported by: Wojciech Scigala [1]
2014-10-25 12:09:30
dns/adns: 1.4 -> 1.5.0~rc0

New features:
* Support for queries about IPv6 data in all applicable adns
query types (including AAAA, PTR, and adns_r_addr queries).
(Thanks very much to Mark Wooding.)
* Support for transport over IPv6. (Thanks to Mark Wooding again.)
* adns_addr2text and adns_text2addr: Convenient functions for
converting between addresses and address literals.

* Fix a crashing bug in adnslogres. (Debian#392102.)
* Do all checks of checked PTR owner name before actually sending the
query, and reject IPv4 PTR owner names whose labels have leading zero
digits or values >255.

Build system fixes and improvements:
* `make clean' removes the pipes.
* Work around bugs in make (Debian #4073, #756123) affecting regress.
* Do not include Makefile and src/config.h in distribution tarball.

Regression test debugging improvements:
* Provide gdbwrap convenience script.
* Honour ADNS_TEST_DEBUG env. var. (Mark Wooding.)

Submitted by: pi (maintainer)
2014-10-25 12:00:10
sysutils/backuppc-devel: remove leading empty line from pkg-descr

Pointy hat: myself
2014-10-25 11:30:11
Allow stripping as a regular user
2014-10-25 08:02:50
- Update to upstream version 0.17
- Update project URL in pkg-descr and MASTER_SITES accordingly

PR: 194499
Submitted by: [email protected]
2014-10-25 07:45:28
sysutils/backuppc: Update pkg-descr and COMMENT

PR: 183241
Requested by: makc
Approved by: Alexander Moisseev <[email protected]> (maintainer)
2014-10-25 06:57:56
sysutils/backuppc-devel: Update pkg-descr and COMMENT

PR: 183241
Requested by: makc
Approved by: Alexander Moisseev <[email protected]> (maintainer)