Exterior Painting Preparation Ideas

Take additional time to make effectively for your exterior painting task is actually an immediate investment of your money and time. Good exterior painting planning has been found to assist the color last longer, look much better and prevent other associated issues including mold growth, peeling and chipping. Get going on your profitable exterior painting task by reading as well as following the outside painting preparing measures below.

Exterior Painting Preparation Ideas

Prepare Yourself

Exterior panting planning is actually a dirty job, therefore you need to wear clothes that you do not care about dirtying. In addition, you’ll be getting wet, and so remember that also when you choose the clothes of yours for this particular task and ready for it before 1 day. It’s also important and secure you use safety goggles, particularly during the scraping procedure. Other materials and chipped-off paint could easily fly into the eyes of yours and cause severe harm to your eyes. Do not take some risks be safe: Prepare correctly by having a pair of protective glasses or goggles. Work gloves can also be essential and crucial for guarding your hands and wrists during the prep activity in your offices or home.

Spray the Dirt Away

This’s important because paint won’t stick very well to any kind of kind of soil, particularly the outdoor types of soil as dust and grime. Although some suggest making use of a power washer for this phase, others caution that it is able to result in more damage than good. This’s since it may also generate water deep into or perhaps behind wood siding or perhaps trim. If the soffit gets pretty wet, the wood is going to swell and easily cause the brand new color to peel off. Even in case you do not have wood siding, it nevertheless could be a much better strategy to run a hose with a strong h2o flow instead of a power washer.

For even more potent cleaning than simply a hose, work with a specific brush attachment for the hose pipe along with liquid detergent; simply be sure to rinse off many of the detergent. You might wish to consider using sponges and rags, based on the level of soil on the outside of the home of yours. The more soil, the more scrubbing you will have to do. If you have some spots with mildew or mold then it’s recommended to clean with an anti fungal cleaner.


Be sure to have the goggles of yours on whenever you scrape any unfastened paint over wall. Be sure to use work gloves to protect the hands of yours and always keep the temperature gun away from all new paint, color fumes, paint cans or maybe paint thinner/cleaner to stay away from fire hazards. Another choice for removing stubborn paint is actually a rotary color remover, that may be connected to an electrical drill. The rigid wire tines on the rotary rapidly eliminate huge areas of paint. Take extreme caution when you’re using this particular device, as it should not come into good communication with the body parts of yours. Think about doing on a little piece of wood before focusing on the siding.