FreeBSD Monitor
2015-10-05 15:19:18
ftp/multiget: Remove redundant patch

With the patch of common.h, the patch to common.cpp is no longer
2015-10-05 14:06:46
- Fix manpage handling
- Fix installation from non-root

Approved by: portmgr blanket
2015-10-05 13:19:44
- Regenerate python bytecode to fix references to stagedir
- Remove USES=desktop-file-utils as suggested by stage-qa

Approved by: portmgr blanket
2015-10-05 12:55:39
- Update to 8800

PR: 203538
Submitted by: [email protected]
2015-10-05 12:28:21
Update to 2.14


* Add --xinerama-index option for background setting (patch by James Knight)
* When removing the last image in slidsehow mode, stay on the last
(previously second-to-last) image (patch by Lior Shiponi)
* Allow --sort and --randomize to override each other (most recently
specified option wins) instead of always preferring --sort
* Thumbnail mode: Mark image as processed when executing an action
(--action) by clicking on an image
* It is now possible to override feh's idea of the active xinerama screen
using the --xinerama-index option
* Remove (undocumented) feature allowing to override feh's idea of the
active xinerama screen by setting the XINERAMA_SCREEN environment variable
2015-10-05 12:02:13
ftp/multiget: Add headers to fix on modern gcc
2015-10-05 11:49:24
Update gdk-pixbuf2 to 2.32.1.

* Drop loaders for some rare image formats: wbmp, ras, pcx

Obtained from: gnome devel repo
MFH: 2015Q4
Security: 9272a5b0-6b40-11e5-bd7f-bcaec565249c
Security: CVE-2015-7673, CVE-2015-7674
2015-10-05 11:46:56
Document heap overflows and a DoS in gdk-pixbuf2.

Security: CVE-2015-7673, CVE-2015-7674
2015-10-05 10:14:45
Add a patch for perl 5.22 which warns that unescaped left braces in
regular expressions are deprecated.

PR: 202986
Submitted by: brnrd
2015-10-05 09:13:58
Update to 2.1.1

PR: 203546
Submitted by: [email protected]
MFH: 2015Q4
2015-10-05 09:11:45
- Update to 1.3.13
- Take maintainership

PR: 203545
Submitted by: [email protected]
MFH: 2015Q4
2015-10-05 03:52:14
mail/dovecot2-pigeonhole: 0.4.8 -> 0.4.9

upgrade to follow mail/dovecot2

* Properly implemented checking of ABI version for Sieve interpreter
plugins, much like Dovecot itself does for plugins. This will prevent
plugin ABI mismatches.
+ Implemented a vnd.dovecot.environment extension. This builds upon the
standard environment extension and adds a few more environment items,
such as username and default mailbox. It also creates a variables
namespace so that environment items can be accessed directly. I am
still thinking about more environment items that can be added.
+ Sieve extprograms plugin: Made line endings of the input passed to the
external programs configurable. This can be configured separately for
each of the three extensions.
+ ManageSieve: Implemented proxy XCLIENT support. This allows the proxy
to pass client information to the back-end.
- ManageSieve: Fixed an assert failure occurring when a client
disconnects during the GETSCRIPT command.
- doveadm sieve plugin: Fixed incorrect initialization of mail user.
This caused a few memory leaks.
- sieve-filter command line tool: Fixed handling of failure-related
implicit keep when there is an explicit default destination folder.
This caused message duplication.
- lib-sieve: Fixed bug in RFC5322 header folding. Words longer than the
optimal line length caused empty lines in the output, which would
break the resulting message header. This surfaced in References:
headers with very long message IDs.

PR: 203526
Submitted by: Larry Rosenman <[email protected]> (maintainer)
2015-10-05 03:09:24
Document 20150910 Plone advisories

PR: 203255
Security: 6b3374d4-6b0b-11e5-9909-002590263bf5
2015-10-05 00:00:11
Document PHP multiple security advisories in phar plugin

PR: 203541
Security: c1da8b75-6aef-11e5-9909-002590263bf5