FreeBSD Monitor
2015-06-29 09:52:22
Upgrade to version 1.0.5; take over maintainership.

PR: 201191
Submitted by: olgeni
Approved by: maintainer
2015-06-29 08:15:11
- Update to 0.13

2015-06-29 07:38:04
Update to Wine 1.7.46. This includes the following changes:
- Improvements in the BITS file transfer service.
- Still more progress on DirectWrite implementation.
- Support for shared user data on 64-bit.
- Various C++ runtime improvements.
- Various bug fixes.
2015-06-29 07:18:42
Upgrade to R18.

- HIPE is now enabled by default
- Add APACHE20 license
- Remove unnecessary autoreconf
- Sort option descriptions


- The LLVM HiPE backend does not seem to work yet.
2015-06-29 01:01:40
sysutils/logrotate: missing logrotate.d directory

- bump PORTREVISION for plist change

PR: 200202
Submitted by: [email protected]
Approved by: maintainer timeout ([email protected] ; 44 days)
2015-06-29 00:36:24
Update to r130, which incorporates the patches that riggs committed in
2015-06-29 00:00:40
Update to 2.0.6, and apply one patch past the 2.0.6 tag that lets
us remove the dependency on bash (and thus obviates the VIMCAT option).
Call it 2.0.6 anyway.
Ports Updating
AFFECTS: users of www/varnish, www/pecl-varnish,
www/varnish-libvmod-header, www/varnish-nagios
AUTHOR: [email protected]

Varnish 3.x has reached End of Life status and has been removed from
the ports tree. If you were using www/varnish we urge you to to update
to www/varnish4. The upgrade guide can be found here:

www/varnish-libvmod-header and www/varnish-nagios have been updated to
versions that work with Varnish 4.x. You should not lose access to
this software.

www/pecl-varnish was updated to the latest release which has added
support for Varnish 4.x. Please note that it appears some
functionality has been lost. This is unfortunate but out of our
control. Details can be found here:

If for some reason you need www/varnish to exist in your ports tree
for a bit longer you may consider instead following the 2015Q2 branch.
Do note however that Varnish 3.x will not be receiving updates or
security patches from upstream.
2015-06-28 21:34:06
Add patch to support the --maxvars argument in xsltproc.

Submitted by: wblock@
Obtained from: libxslt upstream.
2015-06-28 21:05:41
devel/gb: update to new snapshot
2015-06-28 18:50:37
M /head/Mk/

Refactor dependency checks and installation

This is an important step to prepare the ports tree for VARIANTS(aka flavours)
and subpackage by making the dependency code easier to deal with.

- Externalize in a proper shell script the code that was an inlined shell script
- Add better validation on the syntaxe used
- test after the dependency has been installed that it actually really fulfill
the pattern searched (improving QA)
- Unify lib-depends with other dependency checks
- Make ${PORTSDIR} not mandatory anymore in _DEPENDS lines:
aka pattern:${PORTSDIR}/category/port can now be written pattern:category/port
/!\ Please to not use this syntax yet! poudriere have received a fix to be
able to handle this new syntax (but no new release of poudriere has it yet)
portmaster/portupgrade hasn't been checked. if one cares about those last 2 it
would be really nice to provide patches to them!
- Remove _DEPENDS_ALWAYS it has half broken for a while and did not really make
- Keep STRICT_DEPENDS for now it might not be necessary anymore given all the
new checks added, but until someone confirms it is worth keeping it.

Note that all the env passed are prefixed by 'dp_' to avoid polluting children

Differential Revision:
Reviewed by: antoine
Exp-run by: antoine