FreeBSD Monitor
2015-07-02 13:11:54
Add databases/elixir-mariaex, a database driver for MariaDB and
MySQL written in pure Elixir.
2015-07-02 12:54:14
Add www/elixir-maru, an Elixir RESTful framework.
2015-07-02 12:34:53
Add helper makefile for Elixir applications.
2015-07-02 11:53:57
www/entrans: various fixes and cleanup

- Don't needlessly set WRKSRC to its default value
- Fix WWW
- Modernize plist: switch to @dir
- Remove useless chown
- Pet portlint

PR: 200706
Submitted by: amdmi3
Approved by: maintainer timeout (25 days)
2015-07-02 09:45:20
- This installs fine on armv6

MFH: 2015Q3
2015-07-02 09:23:26
- Fix build with GTK3

PR: 200280
Reported by: [email protected]
Submitted by: amdmi3
Approved by: olivierd (xfce)
MFH: 2015Q3
2015-07-02 07:49:57
Update to 4.1.3

PR: 201261
Submitted by: Jaap Akkerhuis <[email protected]> (maintainer)
Sponsored by: DK Hostmaster A/S
2015-07-02 05:50:11
- Update to 1.618
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M jenkins/Makefile
M jenkins/distinfo
Ports Changes
AUTHOR: [email protected]

Make option target helpers have been added, it allows replacing:

.include <>

${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|/usr/local|${LOCALBASE}|g' \
${WRKSRC}/Configure ${WRKSRC}/hints/
${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|%%PTHREAD_LIBS%%|-lpthread|g;' \
${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|%%PTHREAD_LIBS%%||g;' \


${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|/usr/local|${LOCALBASE}|g' \
${WRKSRC}/Configure ${WRKSRC}/hints/

${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|%%PTHREAD_LIBS%%|-lpthread|g;' \

${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|%%PTHREAD_LIBS%%||g;' \
2015-07-01 21:08:42
Fix missing variable that got accidentally removed before commit
2015-07-01 20:29:40
- Make implicit dependency on gettext explicit (and enable by default)
also disable autodetection when not desired
- Strip installed library
- Bump portrevision

PR: 201256
Submitted by: Andriy Voskoboinyk
2015-07-01 20:27:19
M /head/Mk/

Move all-depends-list to a regular script

The benefice beside being more readable is to allow support for dependency line
without ${PORTSDIR}

This is also necessary to be able to easily hack on it for FLAVORS/SUBPACKAGE
2015-07-01 20:08:26
Factorize the function to validate env

Reviewed by: antoine
Differential Revision:
2015-07-01 19:54:56
- Fix build for several architectures.
Set CPUS=1 on non-x86. This leads to disabling custom thread synchronization
primitives coded in x86 assembly and thus allows build (confirmed successful
builds on mips and armv6, however haven't tested whether it actually works).
- Minor cleanups added to pet portlint

PR: 201255
Submitted by: amdmi3
2015-07-01 19:36:54
Update the maintainer address.

The maintainer sent me a private email requesting this change.

Approved by: swills