FreeBSD Monitor
2015-04-24 23:09:26
- Add CPE info

Approved by: portmgr blanket
2015-04-24 22:39:01
Unbreak and upgrade to the latest availble version -- 0.98.

Approved by: maintainer
2015-04-24 21:46:37
Update to a more recent, githuby version. Also, sort the plist.

With hat: perl@
Sponsored by: Absolight
2015-04-24 21:19:39
Update to 2.9.0.

- update ModSecurity to 2.9.0 (released Feb 12, 2015)
- add JSON parsing support via devel/yajl
- add support for loading remote configuration, which depends on ftp/curl
- add optional support for fuzzy hashes via security/ssdeep
- fix: use lua51 only, ModSecurity does not support lua 5.2 yet
- add FreeBSD specific README with installation and configuration hints
- pkg-message: refer uses to README
- install recommended modsecurity.conf using .sample config file convention
- port skeleton cleanups

PR: 197833
Submitted by: maintainer (Walter Hop)
2015-04-24 20:37:56
Update to 20150424.

Introduce an OPTION that controls whether to install offensive (explicit)
acronyms. It is enabled by default, but the actual wtf(6) app will not
provide offensive answers without the -o switch.

PR: 199613
Submitted by: maintainer (Nikolai Lifanov)
2015-04-24 20:23:21
Update to 0.14, and add TEST_DEPENDS.

Approved by: maintainer (implicit)
2015-04-24 20:21:23
The patch introduced in r383995 to fix the build on perl-5.21.6+ broke
building against other perl versions.

byterun.c:1886:3: warning: implicit declaration of function 'PadnamelistMAXNAMED' is invalid in C99 [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
BSET_padl_name(bstate->bs_sv, arg);
./bytecode.h:798:5: note: expanded from macro 'BSET_padl_name'
PadnamelistMAXNAMED((PAD*)pad) = AvFILL((AV*)pad)
byterun.c:1886:3: error: expression is not assignable
BSET_padl_name(bstate->bs_sv, arg);
./bytecode.h:798:36: note: expanded from macro 'BSET_padl_name'
PadnamelistMAXNAMED((PAD*)pad) = AvFILL((AV*)pad)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^
1 warning and 1 error generated.

I'm not clear exactly why it's failing, but only applying the patch against
affected perl versions should fix the issue.
2015-04-24 20:09:57
Update to 2.8.0

PR: 199300 (based on)
Submitted by: adamw@
2015-04-24 20:04:57
Make fetchable again, unbreak with Perl 5.21.0+.

The difference in the distfiles is a regenerated META.yml and an added META.json.

Sponsored by: Absolight
2015-04-24 19:59:24
Update to 2.0119.

2015-04-24 19:51:57
Update to 5.506.

Remove dependency on p5-IO-stringy that has been stale for 4 years.
Technically the dependency on p5-Convert-BinHex isn't required
either but it's listed as recommended so I'm leaving it in.

Also, remove the superfluous DOCS option, and sort plist.

2015-04-24 19:43:13
Update to 0.25.

Remove the hard dependency on p5-Config-General, and turn it into a GENERAL
option. Also, sort plist.

2015-04-24 19:40:12
U-Boot loader and related files for Raspberry Pi 2

To install this bootloader, copy ALL the files in the share/u-boot/u-boot-rpi2
directory to the first partition, formatted as FAT32, on an SD card.

This version is patched so that:
* ELF and API features are enabled.
* The default environment is trimmed to just what's needed to boot.
* The saveenv command writes to the file uboot.env on the FAT partition.

For information about running FreeBSD on RaspberryPi, see

For general information about U-Boot see WWW:

Approved by: garga
2015-04-24 19:34:19
Mark BROKEN of FreeBSD < 10:

/usr/local/lib/ undefined reference to `std::chrono::_V2::steady_clock::now()@GLIBCXX_3.4.19'
/usr/local/lib/ undefined reference to `std::chrono::_V2::system_clock::now()@GLIBCXX_3.4.19'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

This is standard C++11, but there is a problem with stdlib.

Note: now it could be built with clang, but the produced binaries don't
behave correctly.
2015-04-24 19:28:04
Update to 3.0.5588.1.

Changes include:
* External streaming with Android
* Live TV streams not being properly closed
* Tvdb language override not falling back to English when appropriate
* Playback stopping prematurely on Chromecast

PR: 199626
Submitted by: maintainer (Ben Woods)
2015-04-24 19:03:43
Fix build on FreeBSD 8 and 9.

__builtin_bswap32 and __builtin_bswap64 were not introduced in GCC until v4.3.

PR: 199627
Submitted by: maintainer (Ben Woods)
2015-04-24 18:50:57
- Mark broken on 10.x+ amd64:

cc: error: unsupported option '-fpcc-struct-return' for target 'x86_64-unknown-freebsd10.1'

- Mark deprecated and set expiration data in T + 1 month: the port is no longer useful as base grep has coloring support

PR: 199593
Submitted by: amdmi3
Approved by: [email protected]
2015-04-24 17:43:33
Fix build with Perl 5.18+

qw(...) can no longer be used as parentheses

Also, rename a patch to stick to our naming scheme.

Sponsored by: Absolight
2015-04-24 17:27:29
Fix build with Perl 5.18+

Sponsored by: Absolight