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Submitting statistics from your system(s):

  1. Install port ports-mgmt/fbsdmon
  2. Enable fbsdmon in /etc/rc.conf or /etc/periodic.conf
    • To enable boottime reporting, add `fbsdmon_enable="YES"` to /etc/rc.conf
    • To enable weekly reporting, add `weekly_fbsdmon_enable="YES"` to /etc/periodic.conf

Which data is collected:

  1. ID from /var/db/fbsdmon/ID
  2. System version (uname -r)
  3. System architecture (uname -p)
  4. List of port names and their main category names


  1. Statistics are stored for 200 days
  2. Logs from http server are stored for 10 days
  3. When you submit statistics your IP address is logged (10 days), however it is not possible to associate the IP with your statistics (ID from /var/db/fbsdmon/ID is not logged)
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