FreeBSD Monitor - Feeds::ports_commits 2015-09-01T05:27:43Z FreeBSD Monitor www/py-django18 2015-09-01T05:27:43Z www/py-django18: Remove invalid trailing backslash<br /><br />Approved by: python (with hat) www/py-django18 2015-09-01T04:57:40Z [NEW] www/py-django18: Add Django 1.8.4 to the tree<br /><br />Create a new www/django18 port using www/py-django17 as a base.<br /><br />- Use CHEESESHOP (Geo-based CDN) as the default MASTER_SITES<br />- Update COMMENT to more closely match upstream<br />- Add version and LTS suffix to COMMENT<br />- Update CONFLICTS and de-scope to CONFLICTS_INSTALL<br />- Fix whitespace alignment and improve readability<br /><br />Django 1.8 Release Notes:<br /><br /> sysutils/wmmemload 2015-09-01T04:55:50Z sysutils/wmmemload: put back Created by line<br /><br />It's not supposed to be modified by anyone except the author himself.<br /><br />PR: 202745 sysutils/wmmemload 2015-09-01T04:40:30Z sysutils/wmmemload: revive port and update to 0.1.8 [1]<br /><br />Other changes include:<br />- Drop gmake dependency [1]<br />- Drop DOCS consisting only of ChangeLog [1]<br />- Define LICENSE as GPLv2+ like in debian/copyright<br />- Reword COMMENT and pkg-descr to drop indefinite article and author line<br /><br />Changes:<br />PR: 202745 [1]<br />Submitted by: Marco Beishuizen &lt;; [1] www/py-django16 2015-09-01T04:27:21Z www/django16: Update DEPRECATED text and EXPIRATION date<br /><br />Update DEPRECATED text displayed to users to match the verbage used at<br />upstream [1].<br /><br />Set the EXPIRATION_DATE to "End of extended support" date + 6 months<br /><br />While I'm here:<br /><br />- Improve whitespace alignment<br />- Add whitespace for readability<br /><br />[1]<br /><br />Approved by: python (with hat)<br />MFH: 2015Q3 sysutils/wmdiskmon 2015-09-01T03:31:16Z Pass maintainership to submitter<br /><br />PR: 202751, 202753<br />Submitted by: Marco Beishuizen &lt;; net/asterisk 2015-09-01T00:22:34Z Forcibly disable res_timing_kqueue again: it causes lockups.<br /><br />Reported by: Sulev-Madis Silber &lt;madis555 at; (via email) www/lighttpd 2015-08-31T23:28:18Z Fix distinfo mangled by previous commit. www/lighttpd 2015-08-31T23:14:14Z - Update to 1.4.37<br />- Use new OPTION helper<br />- Unsilence some installation commands<br /><br />PR: 202637<br />Submitted by: peter@<br />Update Submitted by: pkubaj at (maintainer)<br />MFH: 2015Q3 www/nginx www/nginx-devel 2015-08-31T22:12:30Z Add third-party shibboleth module,<br /><br />Submitted by: Guy Antony Halse &lt;; (via private mail) audio/snd 2015-08-31T21:56:06Z Pass maintainership to submitter.<br /><br />PR: 200141<br />Submitted by: Chris Hutchinson &lt;; devel/liblouisxml 2015-08-31T21:48:31Z - Clarify license (GPL for tools, LGPL for lib)<br />- Pet portlint<br />- Switch to options helpers<br />- Fix install commands<br /><br />Approved by: portmgr blanket devel/git-review 2015-08-31T21:28:55Z - Add missing DOCS option<br />- Switch to options helpers<br />- Add NO_ARCH<br /><br />Approved by: portmgr blanket multimedia/mencoder multimedia/mplayer 2015-08-31T21:26:40Z Enable VDPAU by default for mplayer on i386/amd64; general port cleanup<br /><br />amd64/i386:<br />- Enable VDPAU by default for the large NVIDIA user base,<br /> proposed by ehaupt<br />- BUILD_DEPEND on yasm only on amd64/i386<br /><br />General cleanups:<br />- Remove REINPLACE_CMD on CONFIGURE_SCRIPT conditional for post-8.x<br /> machines, is now part of patch-configure<br />- Offer RTCPU OPTION only on archs that support it (amd64, i386, ppc)<br />- Update RTCPU_DESC accordingly<br />- Use OPTION helper for RTCPU instead of complicated conditionals<br />- Remove superfluous check for ARCH when setting CFLAGS for armv6 devel/libsigc++20 2015-08-31T21:24:49Z - Add LICENSE<br />- Switch to options helpers<br /><br />Approved by: portmgr blanket devel/jenkins 2015-08-31T20:17:19Z - Update to 1.627 databases/pypy-gdbm databases/pypy-sqlite3 lang/pypy 2015-08-31T19:38:23Z M /head/x11-toolkits/Makefile<br /> A /head/x11-toolkits/pypy-tkinter<br /> A /head/x11-toolkits/pypy-tkinter/Makefile<br /> A /head/x11-toolkits/pypy-tkinter/pkg-descr<br /><br />lang/pypy: update to 2.6.1<br /><br />Changes:<br /> - Add external cffi ports (a la python):<br /> - databases/pypy-gdbm<br /> - databases/pypy-sqlite3<br /> - x11-toolkits/pypy-tkinter<br /> - Add for consistency between pypy ports.<br /> - Add for consistency with external cffi ports.<br /> - Switch back to using $PREFIX/pypy-X.Y (the '-' separator is required to<br /> differentiate between lang/pypy and lang/pypy3)<br /> - Remove all patches (upstreamed, see announcement below)<br /><br />ChangeLog:<br /> - Bug Fixes<br /> - Revive non-SSE2 support<br /> - Fixes for detaching _io.Buffer*<br /> - Clear up contention in the garbage collector between trace-me-later and<br /> pinning<br /> - Issues reported with our previous release were resolved after reports from<br /> users on our issue tracker at or on<br /> IRC at #pypy.<br /> - New features:<br /> - cffi was updated to version 1.3<br /> - The python stdlib was updated to 2.7.10 from 2.7.9<br /> - vmprof now supports multiple threads<br /> - The translation process builds cffi import libraries for some stdlib<br /> packages, which should prevent confusion when is not used<br /> - better support for gdb debugging<br /> - FreeBSD should be able to translate PyPy "out of the box" with no patches<br /> - Numpy:<br /> - Better support for record dtypes, including the align keyword<br /> - Implement casting and create output arrays accordingly (still missing some<br /> corner cases)<br /> - Support creation of unicode ndarrays<br /> - Better support ndarray.flags<br /> - Support axis argument in more functions<br /> - Refactor array indexing to support ellipses<br /> - Allow the docstrings of built-in numpy objects to be set at run-time<br /> - Support the buffered nditer creation keyword<br /> - Performance improvements:<br /> - Delay recursive calls to make them non-recursive<br /> - Skip loop unrolling if it compiles too much code<br /> - Tweak the heapcache<br /> - Add a list strategy for lists that store both floats and 32-bit integers.<br /> The latter are encoded as nonstandard NaNs. Benchmarks show that the speed<br /> of such lists is now very close to the speed of purely-int or purely-float<br /> lists.<br /> - Simplify implementation of ffi.gc() to avoid most weakrefs<br /> - Massively improve the performance of map() with more than one sequence<br /> argument<br /><br />Differential Revision: mail/ifile 2015-08-31T19:31:06Z mail/ifile: fix mail/ifile build with FORTIFY_SOURCE<br /><br />PR: 202572<br />Submitted by: Oliver Pinter &lt;; lang/gcc6-devel 2015-08-31T18:58:44Z Update to the 20150830 snapshot of GCC 6. net/ntp-devel 2015-08-31T18:42:59Z - Switch to USES=libedit as suggested by stage-qa<br /><br />Approved by: portmgr blanket