FreeBSD Monitor - Feeds::ports_commits 2015-07-04T22:14:14Z FreeBSD Monitor x11/libxcb x11/xcb-proto 2015-07-04T22:14:14Z Allow build libxcb and xcb-proto with python3<br /><br />Since version 1.11 libxcb successfully builds with pytnon3, so we don't<br />need to limit python version anymore.<br /><br />PR: 194748 194749<br />Submitted by: rm (myself)<br />Approved by: maintainer timeout (6 months+) www/nginx www/nginx-devel 2015-07-04T21:54:53Z Upgrade third-party headers_more module from 0.26 to 0.261. textproc/py-libxml2 textproc/py3-libxml2 2015-07-04T21:41:55Z Convert py-libxml2 ports to autoplist<br /><br />PR: 194470<br />Submitted by: rm (myself)<br />Approved by: maintainer timeout (6 months+) textproc/freexl 2015-07-04T21:20:56Z textproc/freexl: update 1.0.0i -&gt; 1.0.1<br /><br />- Change DISTVERSION to PORTVERSION<br /><br />PR: 201309<br />Submitted by: Bartoletti &lt;; (maintainer) devel/py-Acquisition devel/py-ExtensionClass devel/py-zLOG devel/py-zconfig www/zope213 2015-07-04T21:07:29Z Update Zope to 2.13.23.<br /><br />This update also includes:<br />- devel/py-Acquisition 4.0a1 -&gt; 4.2.1<br />- devel/py-ExtensionClass 4.0a1 -&gt; 4.2.1<br />- devel/py-Products.BTreeFolder2 2.13.4 -&gt; 2.14.0<br />- devel/py-Products.ExternalMethod 2.13.0 -&gt; 2.13.1<br />- mail/py-Products.MailHost 2.13.1 -&gt; 2.13.2<br />- devel/py-Products.StandardCacheManagers 2.13.0 -&gt; 2.13.1<br />- devel/py-zconfig 2.9.3 -&gt; 3.0.4<br />- devel/py-zLOG 2.11.1 -&gt; 2.11.2<br /><br />Changes common across this ports: add LICENSE_FILE, add NO_ARCH, sort USE_PYTHON<br /><br />MFH: 2015Q3 devel/elixir-msgpax 2015-07-04T20:15:16Z Add devel/elixir-msgpax, a MessagePack implementation for Elixir. editors/chexedit 2015-07-04T20:03:17Z - Clarify LICENSE<br />- Add LICENSE_FILE databases/leofs 2015-07-04T18:40:53Z - update to 1.2.11<br />- fix build on i386<br />- change the daemons default starting order (managers should start first) math/octave-forge 2015-07-04T18:28:55Z - Reinstate optional dependency math/octave-forge-ltfat.<br />- Update to 20150704. devel/libregf 2015-07-04T18:11:52Z Update to alpha-20150704 devel/libfwsi 2015-07-04T18:10:50Z Update to experimental-20150701 devel/rubygem-listen 2015-07-04T16:34:59Z - Fix RUN_DEPENDS<br />- Bump PORTREVISION for dependency change devel/p5-MooseX-Types-Path-Class 2015-07-04T16:18:14Z - Update to 0.07<br />- Add LICENSE<br />- Add NO_ARCH<br /><br />Changes: devel/p5-Devel-PatchPerl 2015-07-04T16:18:09Z - Update to 1.38<br />- Add NO_ARCH<br /><br />Changes: lang/p5-Marpa 2015-07-04T16:18:04Z - Add LICENSE<br />- Add NO_ARCH graphics/p5-Image-Base-SVG 2015-07-04T16:17:59Z - Add LICENSE<br />- Add NO_ARCH graphics/p5-Graph-Writer-GraphViz 2015-07-04T16:17:55Z - Add LICENSE<br />- Add NO_ARCH ftp/p5-SOAP-Transport-FTP 2015-07-04T16:17:50Z - Add LICENSE<br />- Add NO_ARCH devel/p5-Types-Core 2015-07-04T16:17:46Z - Update to 0.1.7 devel/p5-mem 2015-07-04T16:17:40Z - Update to 0.4.6