FreeBSD Monitor - Feeds::ports_commits 2015-03-28T15:21:23Z FreeBSD Monitor x11/mate x11/mate-base 2015-03-28T15:21:23Z Convert to USES=metaport x11/xorg-minimal 2015-03-28T15:18:01Z Convert to USES=metaport graphics/gimp 2015-03-28T15:14:01Z Convert to USES=metaport games/gnome-games 2015-03-28T15:09:52Z Convert to USES=metaport devel/boost-all 2015-03-28T15:07:32Z Convert to USES=metaport x11/metisse 2015-03-28T15:07:30Z Fix RUN_DEPENDS deskutils/gnome-shell-extra-extensions 2015-03-28T15:05:43Z Convert to USES=metaport deskutils/gnome-utils 2015-03-28T15:03:50Z Convert to USES=metaport<br />Use options helpers x11/xorg-apps 2015-03-28T14:51:39Z Convert to USES=metaport x11/xorg 2015-03-28T14:50:41Z Convert to USES=metaport Mk/Uses 2015-03-28T14:50:22Z Add USES=metaport to simplify writing metaports math/p5-Bit-Vector 2015-03-28T14:42:16Z - Add LICENSE<br />- Fix version requirement of *_DEPENDS<br /><br />PR: 198413<br />Submitted by: sunpoet (myself)<br />Approved by: maintainer (timeout, 20 days) devel/p5-File-DesktopEntry 2015-03-28T14:42:10Z - Update to 0.08<br />- Add LICENSE<br />- Fix *_DEPENDS: File::Spec is already in all supported Perl releases<br />- Use single space after WWW:<br /><br />Changes:<br />PR: 198412<br />Submitted by: sunpoet (myself)<br />Approved by: maintainer (timeout, 20 days) x11/xorg 2015-03-28T14:41:59Z Bump portrevision emulators/dynagen 2015-03-28T14:38:49Z emulators/dynagen: shebangfix for python in the scripts instead of patches<br /><br />PR: 194215<br />Submitted by: Pavel Volkov &lt;; (maintainer)<br />Reviewed by: marino x11/metisse 2015-03-28T14:37:28Z Check the xorg-fonts package rather than the file the meta port will not carry soon anymore x11/xorg 2015-03-28T14:36:16Z Convert into a real meta port graphics/sdump 2015-03-28T14:17:23Z - Bump PORTREVISION to chase the update of graphics/libsixel graphics/libsixel 2015-03-28T14:15:46Z - Update to 1.4.10<br /><br />PR: 198823<br />Submitted by: multimedia/mplayer 2015-03-28T13:35:02Z Prevent accidental linking to libEGL<br /><br />Reported by: Florian Degner &lt;; via personal mail<br />MFH: 2015Q1