FreeBSD Monitor - Feeds::ports_updating 2015-08-22T23:59:59Z FreeBSD Monitor ports_updating 2015-08-22T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of print/ghostscript*<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br /> print/ghostscript{7,8,9,9-agpl} have been split into<br /> print/ghostscript{7,8,9,9-agpl}-{base,x11}.<br /> print/ghostscript*-nox11 ports have been removed.<br /><br /> The -base installs Ghostscript binaries, libgs, and other data files<br /> and it depends on no X11 library. The -x11 installs a small shared<br /> library to enable x11* devices in the installed -base package.<br /><br /> In most cases, Ghostscript is installed as a dependency. A port/package<br /> which requires Ghostscript will automatically pick up -base, and<br /> when x11* devices required it will pick up -x11 in addition.<br /><br /> If one wants to install Ghostscript manually and full compatibility<br /> with the previous versions, just install -x11 because it installs<br /> -base as a dependency. Combination of the two provides the same<br /> functionality as before. ports_updating 2015-08-21T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of security/openssh-portable<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />OpenSSH 7.0 disables support for:<br /> * SSH protocol 1<br /> * 1024-bit diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 key exchange<br /> * ssh-dss, ssh-dss-cert-* host and user keys<br /> * legacy v00 cert format<br /><br />See for more information and<br /> for how to re-enable some of these<br />algorithms. ports_updating 2015-08-20T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of lang/ghc and */hs-*<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compiler has been updated to version<br />7.10.2 and Haskell Platform has been removed. As a result, it is<br />recommended to rebuild or reinstall all the dependent ports and the<br />lang/ghc port itself in one of the following ways:<br /><br /># portmaster -w -r ghc<br /> or<br /># portupgrade -fr lang/ghc<br /><br />In case of pkg(8), it is probably safer to remove all the GHC-dependent<br />packages along with GHC and reinstall everything from scratch. For<br />example:<br /><br /># pkg query "%ro" ghc &gt; ghc-pkgs.txt<br /># pkg delete -y lang/ghc<br /><br />In ghc-pkgs.txt, check and remove all the packages that have been moved,<br />then:<br /><br /># pkg install -y `cat ghc-pkgs.txt` ports_updating 2015-08-18T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of sysutils/s6<br />AUTHOR: Colin Booth &lt;;<br /><br />s6-notifywhenup has been removed as of v2.2.0.0. Any run scripts <br />using readyness notification must be updated to use a notification <br />fd instead.<br /><br />s6-svc options have changed for sending syncronous up/down timeouts. <br />Any management or wrapper scripts using those options will need to<br />be updated. ports_updating 2015-08-17T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: everybody who still uses &lt;UNIQUENAME&gt;_SET/UNSET in make.conf<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />The use of &lt;UNIQUENAME&gt;_SET/UNSET has been deprecated for a long time,<br />replaced by &lt;OPTIONS_NAME&gt;_SET/UNSET. It is now not supported any more.<br />A warning will be issued telling you what to do, for example:<br /><br /> $ make<br /> /!\ WARNING /!\<br /> You are using perl_SET which is not supported any more, use:<br /> lang_perl5.20_SET= DEBUG ports_updating 2015-08-16T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of sysutils/s6<br />AUTHOR: Colin Booth &lt;;<br /><br />s6-notifywhenup is deprecated and will be removed in the next version<br />of s6. Any run scripts depending on that program should be updated to<br />use an in-servicedir notification-fd file as described under<br />"Readyness notification support" in s6-supervise.html. ports_updating 2015-08-12T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of sysutils/moosefs-master and other moosefs packages<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />MooseFS ports have been updated to 2.0.72-1. Upstream has been<br />providing a private package repository to distribute newer releases of<br />MooseFS. These changes have now made it into the ports tree. This has<br />resulted in splitting up the sysutils/moosefs-master port into several<br />new ports:<br /><br />sysutils/moosefs-cli<br />sysutils/moosefs-cgi<br />sysutils/moosefs-cgiserv<br />sysutils/moosefs-metalogger<br />sysutils/moosefs-netdump<br /><br />You may need to install these additional ports/packages to restore the<br />complete functionality of your MooseFS cluster. Please review the<br />upstream documentation.<br /><br /> ports_updating 2015-08-12T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of net-mgmt/icinga and net-mgmt/icinga2<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />The Icinga port has been split into two ports: net-mgmt/icinga-core<br />which contains the Icinga 1.x backend and net-mgmt/icinga-classicweb<br />which contains the Icinga classic web (CGI) interface. The latter can<br />be both used with Icinga 1.x and the Icinga 2 port (net-mgmt/icinga2).<br />A new meta-port net-mgmt/icinga was added which depends on both new<br />ports, so updating the Icinga port should be transparent. ports_updating 2015-08-09T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of sysutils/xfce4-power-manager<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />After upgrading to 1.5.2, by default a label is displayed next to the<br />panel icon (it shows percentage and remaining time).<br /><br />To hide this label, a new property /xfce4-power-manager/show-panel-label<br />must be created:<br /><br />xfconf-query -c xfce4-power-manager \<br /> -p /xfce4-power-manager/show-panel-label -n -t int -s 0<br /><br />Possible values are:<br />- 0 -&gt; does not display label<br />- 1 -&gt; displays only percentage<br />- 2 -&gt; displays only remaining time<br />- 3 -&gt; displays only percentage and remaining time (default value) ports_updating 2015-08-06T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of security/libressl<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />After upgrading to 2.2.2, manually update all packages that depend on<br />any of the libraries provided by LibreSSL (libssl, libcrypto and<br />libtls) since the versions of these libraries have changed. Normally,<br />you can obtain the list of dependent software by running the following<br />command:<br /><br /># pkg info -r libressl<br /><br />Then you should rebuild all ports depending on libressl to avoid dangling<br />shared library dependencies. Poudriere and pkg handle this correctly,<br />portmaster and portupgrade users can use the following to rebuild all<br />dependent ports.<br /><br />Portmaster users:<br /> portmaster -r libressl<br />Portupgrade users:<br /> portupgrade -fr security/libressl ports_updating 2015-08-05T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of sysutils/tracker<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />The new tracker version does not build if the old version is installed.<br /><br /># pkg delete -f tracker<br /><br />After use your upgrade tool of choice. ports_updating 2015-08-02T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of mail/opensmtpd<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />After upgrading, you will need to review all your configuration, as<br />there are some configuration changes between 5.4.x and 5.7.1. ports_updating 2015-07-26T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of ukrainian/monacofonts<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />The destination-directory used by monacofonts port was altered.<br />The fonts-location changed from koi8u-monaco/ to koi8-u-monaco/<br /><br />Users are advised to modify the path set in their xorg.conf files. ports_updating 2015-07-20T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of print/texlive-base and other TeXLive packages<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />TeXLive in Ports Collection has been updated to TL2015. To upgrade<br />installed old packages, upgrading of "tex-*" packages is required.<br /><br />If you have a problem with upgrading, please send it to<br /> and/or file a PR. ports_updating 2015-07-11T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of graphics/gdal<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />Due to changes in header files, please deinstall gdal first while updating<br />from 1.x to 2.0. ports_updating 2015-07-08T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of security/libressl<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />After upgrading to 2.2.1, manually update all packages that depend on<br />any of the libraries provided by LibreSSL (libssl, libcrypto and<br />libtls) since the versions of these libraries have changed. Normally,<br />you can obtain the list of dependent software by running the following<br />command:<br /><br />pkg query -e '%n = libressl' %ro<br /><br />Then you should rebuild all ports depending on libressl to avoid dangling<br />shared library dependencies. ports_updating 2015-07-07T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of net-mgmt/netmagis-*<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />Netmagis-* ports have been upgraded to 2.3.0. Upgrading from<br />previous version require a database schema upgrade.<br />See ports_updating 2015-07-02T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of net/ptpd2-devel<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />net/ptpd2 has been upgraded to version 2.3.1<br />net/ptpd2-devel is now deprecated and has been removed<br /><br />If using portupgrade:<br /># portupgrade -o net/ptpd2 net/ptpd2-devel<br /><br />If using portmaster:<br /># portmaster -o net/ptpd2 net/ptpd2-devel ports_updating 2015-07-02T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of multimedia/ffmpeg<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />ffmpeg has been updated to the latest version from the 2.7 branch.<br />If you are using binary pkg, 'pkg upgrade' will do the right thing.<br />Users of portmaster/portupgrade must rebuild all ports that depend<br />on it.<br /><br />Portmaster users:<br /> portmaster -w -r ffmpeg<br />Portupgrade users:<br /> portupgrade -fr multimedia/ffmpeg ports_updating 2015-06-28T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of www/varnish, www/pecl-varnish,<br />www/varnish-libvmod-header, www/varnish-nagios<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />Varnish 3.x has reached End of Life status and has been removed from<br />the ports tree. If you were using www/varnish we urge you to to update<br />to www/varnish4. The upgrade guide can be found here:<br /><br /><br /><br />www/varnish-libvmod-header and www/varnish-nagios have been updated to<br />versions that work with Varnish 4.x. You should not lose access to<br />this software.<br /><br />www/pecl-varnish was updated to the latest release which has added<br />support for Varnish 4.x. Please note that it appears some<br />functionality has been lost. This is unfortunate but out of our<br />control. Details can be found here:<br /><br /><br /><br />If for some reason you need www/varnish to exist in your ports tree<br />for a bit longer you may consider instead following the 2015Q2 branch.<br />Do note however that Varnish 3.x will not be receiving updates or<br />security patches from upstream.