FreeBSD Monitor
2015-08-31 19:38:23
M /head/x11-toolkits/Makefile
A /head/x11-toolkits/pypy-tkinter
A /head/x11-toolkits/pypy-tkinter/Makefile
A /head/x11-toolkits/pypy-tkinter/pkg-descr

lang/pypy: update to 2.6.1

- Add external cffi ports (a la python):
- databases/pypy-gdbm
- databases/pypy-sqlite3
- x11-toolkits/pypy-tkinter
- Add for consistency between pypy ports.
- Add for consistency with external cffi ports.
- Switch back to using $PREFIX/pypy-X.Y (the '-' separator is required to
differentiate between lang/pypy and lang/pypy3)
- Remove all patches (upstreamed, see announcement below)

- Bug Fixes
- Revive non-SSE2 support
- Fixes for detaching _io.Buffer*
- Clear up contention in the garbage collector between trace-me-later and
- Issues reported with our previous release were resolved after reports from
users on our issue tracker at or on
IRC at #pypy.
- New features:
- cffi was updated to version 1.3
- The python stdlib was updated to 2.7.10 from 2.7.9
- vmprof now supports multiple threads
- The translation process builds cffi import libraries for some stdlib
packages, which should prevent confusion when is not used
- better support for gdb debugging
- FreeBSD should be able to translate PyPy "out of the box" with no patches
- Numpy:
- Better support for record dtypes, including the align keyword
- Implement casting and create output arrays accordingly (still missing some
corner cases)
- Support creation of unicode ndarrays
- Better support ndarray.flags
- Support axis argument in more functions
- Refactor array indexing to support ellipses
- Allow the docstrings of built-in numpy objects to be set at run-time
- Support the buffered nditer creation keyword
- Performance improvements:
- Delay recursive calls to make them non-recursive
- Skip loop unrolling if it compiles too much code
- Tweak the heapcache
- Add a list strategy for lists that store both floats and 32-bit integers.
The latter are encoded as nonstandard NaNs. Benchmarks show that the speed
of such lists is now very close to the speed of purely-int or purely-float
- Simplify implementation of ffi.gc() to avoid most weakrefs
- Massively improve the performance of map() with more than one sequence

Differential Revision:
2015-08-31 19:31:06
mail/ifile: fix mail/ifile build with FORTIFY_SOURCE

PR: 202572
Submitted by: Oliver Pinter <[email protected]>
2015-08-31 18:42:59
- Switch to USES=libedit as suggested by stage-qa

Approved by: portmgr blanket
2015-08-31 18:40:31
- Fix shebangs

Approved by: portmgr blanket
MFH: 2015Q3 (blanket)
2015-08-31 18:39:32
Add storcli.

This is the replacement tool to megaraid for the Avago megaraid SAS

PR: ports/201580
Submitted by: <[email protected]>
Reviewed by: bapt
Sponsored by: Norse Corp, Inc (my review, testing, commit)
2015-08-31 18:32:42
- Add USES=desktop-file-utils shared-mime-info as suggested by stage-qa
- Remove useless MAN1/MANLANG
- Add manpages to pkg-plist

Approved by: [email protected] (maintainer)
MFH: 2015Q3 (blanket)
2015-08-31 18:13:18
- Fix shebangs

Approved by: portmgr blanket
MFH: 2015Q3 (blanket)
2015-08-31 17:35:16
Look for an executable instead of a library for the build dependency.
2015-08-31 17:20:51
- Fix shebangs

Approved by: portmgr blanket
MFH: 2015Q3 (blanket)
2015-08-31 16:43:14
Add an option for embedding PORTREVISION in the server's version string.

Sponsored by: Absolight
2015-08-31 14:51:20
Fix plist.

PR: 202791
Submitted by: [email protected]
2015-08-31 13:44:48
M /head/lang/perl5.18/Makefile
M /head/lang/perl5.20/Makefile
M /head/lang/perl5.22/Makefile

Fix last commit.

Pointy hat to: mat
Noticed by: the index breakage notification of portsnap.
Sponsored by: Absolight
2015-08-31 13:33:10
- Update to 3.1.1